3 Ways to Make Life Less Annoying

Here are three quick ways to make your daily life a little bit less annoying. Take my word, these work. I’ve listed them in order of helpfulness.


Get a free password manager to store all your passwords. I use LastPass and it’s been great for my 80+ passwords (I’m not exaggerating). There is minor effort up front and it’s smooth sailing moving forward!

I was going to lose my mind if I had to click one more “Forgot Password” button, but I was hesitant to use a password manager out of fear that someone might hack my account and get access to my other passwords. It’s a valid concern, but I learned not to fret. These services have multiple safeguards (eg. two-factor identification – they send a random code to your phone each time you log in) to secure your account.

Here’s how it works: You sign up and create a single long and tricky password. They suggest picking a few random words and mixing some numbers and symbols between each word. Once signed up, you add your other username and password combos from all of the sites you use in order to store them in the “vault”. Lastpass measures how secure each password is and identifies any duplicates. The service helps you get rid of the duplicates and the not-so-secure passwords and replaces them with a much more secure option. Once your credentials are stored, the service really starts paying off. After signing in to LastPass, you’ll be automatically logged in to any site that you have saved to LassPass. If you sign up for a new site you can add your newly created credentials with one click. LastPass also has an app for your phone so you can easily access your passwords no matter where you are. NOTE, it’s important to remember to log off or completely close out of your browser when you’ve finished browsing, especially when using a computer other than your own.


Unsubscribe from the email senders that clutter your inbox. This super easy step takes around 5 seconds for each email list you unsubscribe from. It’s as easy as opening the email from the sender that you want to stop receiving emails from and scrolling to the bottom. There, in small writing, you will see an underlined link that reads, “Unsubscribe”, or, “Click Here to Unsubscribe”. It will open a page where you need to confirm that you want to unsubscribe, and then you’re done. No more emails from that sender. My inbox went from insanely cluttered to clean and orderly in no time!


Stop ruining part of your banana and open it from the bottom! Avoid the frustration of smashing the top part of your banana by turning it upside down and gently pinching the bottom until it splits open. Then peel back and enjoy the whole thing!

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